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Proofreading - a good first impression is invaluable, and having your document or manuscript proofread ensures that errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar are detected and corrected. Using an experienced proofreader ensures that a fresh pair of eyes looks at your work, catching any grammar typos or misspellings that may have slipped through.

Editing - editors don’t make your work their own; their job is to make your work even better, to check the consistency of the content and overall flow of the text. A good editor will tighten your copy without sacrificing content or detail, and give it a professional polish in preparation for the next stage, be that publication, submission for academic grading, or as part of a job application.

Book publishing services - Red Hen Publishing offers a range of book publishing services and packages, from preparing a file for print to liaising with authors on how best to get their book into the marketplace. Each package is designed to suit your needs as an author and the demands of the book you are writing. Red Hen Publishing also offers consultation on the self-publishing process if you choose this increasingly popular route to bring your publication to the marketplace.

Writing services - we all have stories to tell, be they about ourselves, our communities, our services or our products: the question is - how can these stories best be brought to the attention of the public? In addition to proofreading and editing, Red Hen Publishing helps get your story ready for public consumption - by rewriting, researching or writing text from scratch - so that it can achieve its full potential and reach its target audience.

Ghostwriting - If you would like to have your life-story written, Red Hen Publishing offers a ghostwriting service that allows you get your memoir, autobiography, company, community or family history written in a professional, comprehensive and empathetic fashion, leaving you with a manuscript that is ready for printing, whether it is for the wider public or for a select number of family, friends or colleagues. 

Publishing project management - Red Hen Publishing has many years of experience in managing publishing projects, from initial assessment and preparation of manuscripts for the design part of the process, to liaising with print companies on printing specifications and costs. And when your book finally arrives, Red Hen Publishing can advise on how best to launch your book and bring it to the public arena, advising on PR, media contacts, distribution and pricing.


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