Red Hen Publishing provides a professional, cost-effective and experienced service, specialising in proofreading, editing, book publishing, ghostwriting and writing services. Almost everyone finds it difficult to correct their own work; researching and writing can often be so all-consuming that you really don′t want to have to go through the text again before bringing it into the public arena, whether that is a potential employer or the general public.


Red Hen Publishing can step in at this stage as every document benefits from a thorough proofing at the very least, and, in most cases, from some editing, varying from light to substantial copy editing. A reader who is new to the text and who is experienced in proofreading and editing can help transform a document into the best version it can be.


If you, your organisation or community group have a book that you want to publish, then Red Hen Publishing can manage all aspects of that process, working hand in hand with you so that you are closely involved with all aspects of the process - but without the worry of wondering what to do next. For anyone who has a story they want told, Red Hen Publishing can help bring that story to the attention of the public. If you want something rewritten, researched from scratch and written up, Red Hen Publishing can provide these services.

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